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Something Sweet: East Village NYC shop with top Old World quality wedding cakes, pastries, pies, tarts and other desserts of European and other styles, adding special class to your wedding or reception

177 First Ave., corner of East 11th Street  , New York, NY 10003

Phone  (212) 533-9986   ;   Fax  (212) 254-5705     contact Something Sweet Pastry Shop about our fine cakes, pastries, tarts, pies and other desserts

Corporate Accounts, Wholesale and Catering

Novelty Cakes

a doll in elegant pink fondant dress with fine white fondant details
for her sweet sixteen, para su quinceanera, for his bachelor party

a cake like a stylish fair pink woman's hat
a bright stylish woman's hat

a custom cake, for an acquaintance to be made
a custom cake, for an upcoming acquaintance
both a cake and a clear gift!
a gift that's a cake, or a cake that's a gift, or...
a cute little black mouse (cake) peeking up
a little cutie for your table

a clown cake
a delicious clown to brighten up a time

Our Ladybug Cake, a delight for all ages
Our Ladybug Cake, a delight for all ages
Our Elmo Cake
Our Elmo Cake
Our Spider Cake, creeping along with its tasty dark body
Our Spider Cake, a little frightful, creepy... but so delicious

Bunny Rabbit Cake
Bunny Cake

Something Sweet- Cakes, Pastries and Cookies

European Quality You Can't Find In America, In Manhattan Over 20 Years

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