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Cake Set 2

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custom multicolor decorated party cake
custom multicolor decorated party cake

stunning cake with chocolate side, red roses and light top
Something Sweet's Admiral Stockdale Cake

pageantry cake, white with yellow roses with extremely ornate ruffles draped on side
Something Sweet's Cake of Pageantry,
for most important occasions

red velvety fondant icing with golden adornment
red carpet cake, with gorgeous embellished velvety fondant

cake with layers on bottom and glassy, translucent varying reddish-white color on top with beautiful adornments on edge
lovely raspberry mousse cake

red cake adorned with blots
red cake adorned with blots
cake with fondant in white doves on side with orange, grape and pink colored ribbons
custom cake with ornamented fondant
in white doves and colorful ribbons

Something Sweet
a happy cake for the gay times!

beautiful blue birthday cake with dark writing and white dots on side
fine hand decorated birthday cake
wonderful candlelit birthday cake, in the dark
the birthday cake as it looks in that wonderful moment of giving

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